“Instead of stressing, have a slice of hope and a cup of blessing!”

Slice of Hope

Hope defined 1. desire accompanied by expectation; a feeling that what is wanted is likely to happen 2. trust, reliance, expectation in something or someone

Cup of Blessing

Blessing defined 1. to favor or be favored (blessed) by God 2. to make happy or prosperous or extend good wishes or approval

Bouquet of Cheer

Cheer defined 1. to urge on, comfort or gladden 2. to applaud, make glad or joyful

Words of Wisdom

Wisdom defined 1. the power of judging rightly and following the soundest action 2. knowledge, learning, understanding, experience, wise teaching


Fresh Words

Fresh Words

Hi reader! I appreciate your time in looking at my alternate blog site, Stressbless, however it is no longer my primary/current blog site. I’ve not posted in Stressbless for several years. The reason I leave it out here in internet space is because I have an Avatar connected to it that allows me to comment […]