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Mystery Medicine Reduces Stress

Children use it over 400 times a day and adults only fifteen. Its influence is known all over the world. It’s addicting, and it affects the brain. Women participate in it more than men, but men initiate the use more than women. Media occupations have been historically altered by its power.

The Bible has something to say about the medical effect of this substance—laughter and being “merry.”

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Have you laughed much lately? If not, why not?

In your hard times, is there still something or someone that can make you laugh?

Here’s my current laugh moment.

I sat in Subway, alone, eating my six inches of a foot long chicken teriyaki sandwich wondering if my physician husband had been called to tend to a medical crisis or if he had simply forgotten his words on the phone, “I’ll see you at Subway in ten minutes.” We were trying to snatch the twenty minutes before he had to be at a financial meeting to eat supper and discuss some serious things about work.

Instead of assisting our together time, God chose to insert a sitcom scene and sprinkle humor on our life.

Across the town at the other Subway, my husband was alone eating his half of a foot long chicken teriyaki sandwich wondering what black hole his wife fell in. He called me multiple times, a fact I discovered when I went to the car muttering about why he did not call me, and found my phone sitting in the cup holder. When I saw his multiple frantic text messages, I called him and got his voice mail so I sadly said I was headed home and I was sorry to have missed him. While I was driving, and yes, leaving my message, his blue truck passed in the oncoming lane. He honked and waved at me and then called me to say he had gone home to search for me because he was worried. (Of course now he was a smidge late for his meeting.)

Later we laughed at the pitiful scene of each of us sitting and eating our sandwich alone while waiting earnestly for the other. Our kids are concerned about this incident remarking that we live in a sheltered small town, and we will never manage to roam in a big city without losing each other.

The point is this: sometimes when life is too serious, we need to find a way to laugh.

Find a source for laughter, and you might find your stress level easing.

What do you think? What funny story can you tell?

Here is a link to an article about the benefits of laughter.


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