The Problem With Paris

I reluctantly agreed to go to Paris. It seemed a better idea in February when we used our savings to buy our tickets and pay our share of the week’s apartment rent. My husband and I would be celebrating 32 years of marriage this year, and the romance of Paris and the request of our daughter and husband to join them for the trip was special. My son-in-law speaks French and we do not.

However, as the year unfolded my father became quite ill. Then our office problems accelerated over the conversion of our records to electronic in order to comply with a federal mandate. In addition, I began school, and we have three other children in college or postgraduate work. Still, I reasoned that my husband and I have not celebrated our marriage in a special way for several years, AND we would be with family and someone who spoke the language well.

In the end, it was our own companionship (husband and I) and the sweet support and planning of the entire trip by our daughter and son-in-law that made it worth it. Yes, the history, art,  and spectacular buildings were amazing, but we experienced daily anti-American sentiment, although we were very well behaved and followed our daughter’s conduct advice as best we could. (She should know about conduct in other countries. She graduates in 17 days with a degree in international business. Congratulations sweet heart!)

What is my point? There are several points actually.

Romance is what you bring to the relationship. It’s  not the setting.

I’d rather be a native of a country known for its beautiful people and ugly buildings than to be a citizen of a nation known for beautiful buildings (and art) and ugly acting people. (Don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not saying France or America is either one.)

Don’t be jealous or judgmental of others who take a trip. Life is short and opportunity is even shorter. (We have been judged on the timing of  taking this trip by some people who know us.)


I agree with Dorothy. Life at home is just how I like it.

Enough said.

3 comments on “The Problem With Paris

  1. That says it all Ann!!

  2. I just returned from a Paris vacation and in the 10 days I was there I never experienced anti American anything. I agree. Life is what we make it. I was in Paris 5 days last year and enjoyed it so much I went back agin this year.

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